The StartUp Marketer

StartUp Marketer Podcast: Episode 04

Join us for an insightful conversation with Lia Zneimer, VP of Marketing at Teal, as she shares her expertise on navigating the first 100 days as a marketer in a startup. Lia delves into the importance of listening, building a strong foundation, and embracing adaptability inĀ  startup marketing.

10 Key Insights from Lia

  1. Listen and Ask Questions (00:05:00): Engage with cross-functional stakeholders and existing marketers to gain insights and set yourself up for success.
  2. Create a Plan (00:05:00): Establish a clear plan with goals and benchmarks to provide direction and measure progress.
  3. Ruthlessly Prioritize (00:10:00): Identify the most impactful efforts and focus on those to maximize your impact.
  4. Stay Ahead of Trends (00:15:00): Monitor industry trends, listen to your audience, and experiment with emerging platforms.
  5. Build a Team (00:20:00): Focus on finding the right talent with the necessary skills and cultural fit for your team.
  6. Embrace Challenges (00:20:00): Recognize that challenges are inherent in startup environments and use them as opportunities for growth.
  7. Develop a Professional Brand (00:25:00): Build a cohesive personal and professional brand that reflects your values and expertise.
  8. Advocate for Employee Advocacy (00:25:00): Empower your team to share their knowledge and experiences to drive growth.
  9. Leverage SEO and Content Integration (00:30:00): Understand the power of SEO and combine it with high-quality content to enhance your marketing efforts.
  10. Embrace the Startup Journey (00:35:00): Embrace the unique challenges and opportunities of working in a startup environment and focus on creating something truly impactful.