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We’re on a mission to fuel startup marketers with the shortcuts, skills, tools, and connections they need to become indispensable assets at work, driving success and doing more with less.

Take advantage of our special Oceans Ventures rate of $230/year per person.

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Oceans Ventures Portfolio companies are invited to join at the special rate of $230/year per person – discounted from the public price of $249/year.

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From trainings to expert interviews, skill-building sessions to industry connections, our platform empowers you to evolve and drive meaningful impact at your startup.

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SUM’s Resource Library houses a wealth of proprietary templates, guides, and playbooks designed to streamline your marketing efforts, bridge skill gaps, and set you up for success.

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Connect with like-minded professionals, potential collaborators, experts, and industry leaders in our vibrant community.

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Hear From SUM Members

Kate Scanlan

Sr. Director of Marketing


“I joined StartUp Marketer because collaboration is a powerful catalyst for innovation and professional evolution. By sharing your knowledge and expertise, you’re naturally challenged to question and refine your own point of view. Plus, I get to pick the brains of my peers! Who would pass that up?”

Jonathan Hazy

Demand Generation Manager


“I joined StartUp Marketer because I wanted to be a part of a community of marketers I could continue learning from and who share more in common with me than the 50+ marketing teams I always hear about at trade shows.”

Adam Blacker

Communications + Media Relations Strategist 🚀


“I joined StartUp Marketer because everyone needs a little inspiration from those who have been in their shoes before and I was no different. I know I would have relished this resource had it been around when I was first starting out.”

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You ask, we answer

SUM questions we often get asked:

StartUp Marketer (SUM) is the first marketing ecosystem designed specifically for startup marketers. It fuses accelerator muscle and community wisdom to elevate your marketing skills and help you accelerate your startup’s trajectory. 

By blending development tools—including on-demand courses, downloadable resources, and a comprehensive content library—with vibrant “spaces” for real-time interaction with peers and top-vetted experts, SUM ensures marketers are armed with razor-sharp insights, indispensable tools, and the latest trends to make an impact in the industry.

SUM members gain access to essential real-world resources, top-vetted experts, and an exclusive community of collaborators in the startup space.

With a focus on the unique challenges that startup marketers face, SUM offers solutions that will save you time, stress, and endless internet searches, ensuring you’re on the cutting edge, contributing significantly to your startup’s growth, and building a robust network of like-minded professionals.

By becoming a community member now, you’ll help us build this program and shape what SUM evolves into. The startup space is ripe for opportunity and full of creative, talented, and hard-working individuals disrupting their respective industries. With SUM, we bring these change makers together—-startup marketers, agency marketers, corporate-to-startup transitioners, founders, and more—to learn from one another and elevate the startup industry while overcoming their unique challenges.

There are many ways to get involved with SUM. First and foremost, join the community and add your POV to the conversation.

We also welcome SUM member contributions to our blog or to be a guest on our podcast. If you’d like to participate in any of the above activities or have other ideas for SUM, please reach out to us at [email protected].