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Excel for Marketers

In this free Excel training crash course, participants will learn how to import data into Excel, utilize functions, understand the benefits of tables, and more.

  • Efficient Data Management: Take charge of managing large data sets with HubSpot’s free Excel Crash Course. Learn essential skills to navigate and manipulate data efficiently, especially when dealing with multiple systems like Google Analytics or CRM.
  • Importing and Cleaning Mastery: Gain proficiency in quickly and effectively importing and cleaning data. Understand the importance of data hygiene and optimization, ensuring that your datasets are streamlined and ready for insightful analysis.
  • Essentials of Data Analysis: Dive into the fundamentals of data analysis. Learn how to create tables, employ data filtering techniques, and harness the power of pivot tables to extract meaningful insights from your data.
  • Visual Storytelling with Charts and Graphs: Discover the art of creating stunning charts and graphs that enhance data visualization. Develop skills to present your data in a compelling and informative way, enabling effective storytelling through visual representation.
  • Practical Application: Apply your newfound skills through hands-on exercises. Gain practical experience in utilizing Excel for data management, analysis, and visualization, ensuring a seamless integration of these techniques into your workflow.

Enroll now and unlock the power of Microsoft Excel fundamentals to optimize your data management, analysis, and visualization processes for business growth.