We’ve got the “mecore” movement, burnout blues, the latest buzz about beehiiv, and the fund-amentals of startup funding rounds in this week’s issue. Plus, see how a history major went from EA to VP in our latest marketer spotlight.

In This Issue:

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  • 🔦 Marketer Spotlight: Beth Pyne
  • 📈 The ABCs of Startup Funding
  • 🎓 Top Tip for Marketing Grads
  • 📊 SUM Poll: Marketer Burnout
  • 🐝 Beehiiv Acquisition
  • 📹 Pinterest’s Latest Rollout
  • 😄In the Meme Time …


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🔦 Marketer Spotlight: Beth Pyne

Armed with a history degree and a foot in the door at Yahoo, Beth Pyne discovered her passion for marketing. Fast forward 18 years: Beth is now VP of Marketing at SalientMG. Follow Beth’s journey and read her advice for recent grads. Read More

The ABCs of Startup Funding

Startup funding is not just about securing capital; it’s about strategic positioning, market validation, and long-term growth. Learn the fund-amentals about funding announcements. Plus, SUM members can access 10 templates customized to streamline the announcement process. Read More


Set yourself apart from the sea of recent marketing grads by showing hiring managers that you’re a go-getter. Take specialized courses in your preferred field and highlight them on your resume and LinkedIn. You can start with our curated library of 50+ courses from top companies like Google, Hubspot, Canva, TikTok, Meta, and more.



  • Beehiiv has acquired AI-based website builder TypeDream, meaning beehiiv users will soon see a massive upgrade to their webpage functionalities, with more templates, more customizations, more landing pages, and a new drag-and-drop web builder.
  • More than half (56%) of marketers worry about burnout in their current role, with entry and mid-level roles feeling the most stress, according to The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s latest Impact of Marketing report.
  • Pinterest now lets users turn their boards into videos for sharing on Instagram and TikTok, capitalizing on the growing “mecore” trend.
  • Sony, Universal, Warner are suing AI music generators Suno and Udio, claiming they used copyrighted music to train their systems.


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