From eying AI to TOFU snafus, we’ve got hot takes, cool trends, and one fiery feud in this issue of the StartUp Marketer newsletter.

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  • 🤦 Common TOFU snafus

  • 🤝 Crafting a compelling partnership story

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  • 📈 Martech spend is on the rise

  • ⚔️Forbes’ feud with Perplexity

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Throughout his career in venture, seeing thousands of early-stage deals, Phil Bronner knows how nuanced – and challenging – the marketing function can be for a young company. From leveraging limited data to gleaning the metrics that matter and executing with a tight budget, Phil shares his insights on the StartUp Marketer podcast.

Avoid This Common TOFU Snafu

One of the biggest content marketing mistakes is misunderstanding how a funnel serves an audience and injecting a sales pitch into TOFU assets that should simply serve to educate. Turn your content slog into a lead boon with these three tips. Read More

Craft a Compelling Partnership Story

Strategic partnerships can elevate a startup’s reputation, optimize resources, unlock access to new markets, and (ultimately) drive sustainable growth.

But once you’ve found the Ben to your Jerry, you need a compelling partnership story. Learn how to properly leverage partnerships for growth. (SUM members can streamline the whole process using our Partner Marketing Intake form.) Read More




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  • 📈 Nearly 20% of all VC funding in 2023 went to GenAI-focused startups – a 3x increase over 2022 (2024 Global Startup Ecosystem Report).

  • Forbes is in a rather heated – and very public – feud with Perplexity over attribution and claims of plagiarism. It’s an inflection point for RAG, AI, and content.

  • Roughly half (49%) of consumers are confident they can tell the difference between traditional and AI-generated ads on CTV.

  • YouTube is rolling out thumbnail A/B testing that lets you test up to three thumbnails per video to optimize videos for higher watch time.

  • Martech spend is on the rise, according to the latest edition of The CMO Survey. CMOs say they expect to spend about one-fifth (19.9%) of their budgets on martech this year, up from 17.3% last year.

  • CMOs from NFL, McDonald’s, and TUBI share their strategies for embracing risk during a panel session at Canne Lions.


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