Ready to soak up the sun and make it rain? This week, we’re rolling up our sleeves, smearing on the SPF, and sifting through the internet to bring you the most tactical, relevant, and useful startup marketing news and insights to help you work smarter this summer.

In this issue:

  • ⏱️Do Startups Have Summer Hours?

  • 🦾Building a GTM Machine

  • 😬Conquering Channel Overload

  • ⚔️Advocacy is the New Battlefield

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On Episode 6 of the StartUp Marketer podcast, seasoned sales and marketing expert Craig Rosenberg of Scale Venture Partners shares his tips for startups looking to build a high-growth go-to-market machine.

Learn how to leverage your leaders on LinkedIn, hire the right marketers at the right stage, and get that elusive golden ticket (product-market fit).

Overcoming Channel Overload

Conquer channel overload by defining clear goals, prioritizing key channels, and creating a unified marketing strategy to streamline efforts and improve results. Read More

Optimize LinkedIn For Lead Gen

Learn how to navigate LinkedIn with these practical tips on optimizing your profile, engaging in groups, creating quality content, and using targeted ads to effectively generate B2B leads. Read More

When Work From Anywhere Calls For Sunblock 🏖️🌞

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