🧾In honor of National Bucket List Day, let’s dust off that marketing wish list and ✅ a few boxes. From blogs to webinars, PR tactics to AI-powered ads, we’re tackling the basics and beyond this week!

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  1. Tune into our favorite startup whisperer
  2. Are you content with your content?
  3. Leaky basement? Fix the cracks in your foundation
  4. Generative AI for Google Ads
  5. IG OG
  6. Setting the bar on webinars

In the latest episode of the SUM podcast, Alexa DePasquale discusses the crucial aspects of product marketing and brand building. Listen and learn the power of doubling down on your muse, how to turn product marketing into a 360° experience, and why we should all spend some time taking customer service calls. 

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Marketing Masters: Crack the Content Code

Did you know that companies with active blogs generate a whopping 67% more leads per month than those without? (DemandMetric). In the world of marketing, content is king, and those who wield it skillfully reign supreme. So let’s take a look at the tactics and strategies behind some masters of the craft. 

👩‍🍳The meal kit delivery service Blue Apron created engaging, educational cooking content on their blog and social media to get subscribers excited about recipes before delivery. This helped build trust and loyalty with customers.

📱Buffer grew its user base to 100,000 in 10 months by having its co-founder write over 150 guest blog posts on social media and marketing blogs. This allowed them to leverage other audiences.

🚀HubSpot grew significantly by offering free educational content like whitepapers, case studies, and webinars behind lead capture forms. Over 75% of their leads came from this content marketing approach.

💰Before launching their personal finance app, Mint created a blog called MintLife that published finance tips, videos, and news. This allowed them to rank highly in search engines and build an audience of 20,000 subscribers before launch.

👓Warby Parker leveraged strategic PR and media placements to generate buzz and awareness around their launch, collaborating with a PR firm to secure features in influential publications like GQ and Vogue on the day their website went live.

By focusing on adding value and solving problems, these brands were able to forge connections with their audience, turn readers into buyers, and plant the seed of success through their compelling content.

Back to the Basics

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends and techniques, but don’t forgo the foundational principles of startup marketing. From a customer-centric approach to consistent branding, these strategies are the building blocks every startup marketer should master. Read More

B2B Brand Messaging

If your corporate and product positioning and messaging haven’t been refreshed in a while — or ever — it’s time to use an evolved and pressure-tested framework to reset Brand Messaging. Read More

Around the Web

Google Ads Adds Generative AI Tools For Demand Gen Google has rolled out new generative AI capabilities for Demand Gen ad campaigns that allow advertisers to create high-quality image assets using text prompts. Startups operating with leaner teams can now create a high volume of diverse, on-brand image assets with minimal design resources. Read More

Webinar Engagement Remains Strong In 2023, the conversion rate from webinar registration to attendance rose to 56% and the average number of attendees climbed to 202, according to ON24’s 2024 Digital Engagement Benchmarks Report. Webinars are seeing longer legs of engagement, with on-demand webinars ranking as the top-performing asset types in content hubs. Read More

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