❄️Just as April can show up with snow, marketing for a startup has its own set of snowcurveballs. This week, we’re coming to you with a flurry of tips and tricks to dig your way out of a drift and come out on top! From optimizing your SEO strategy on a budget to launching a product in beta, we’re here to put a spring 🌷 in your step and accelerate your success. 🚀

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  1. Why the Beta Strategy Works
  2. SEO: Your Compass for Content
  3. Capitalize on Third-Party Content
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Betting on Beta: Harness the Power of FOMO

A slew of startups have employed a beta strategy to launch a new product or offering. This approach allows you to gather feedback, identify bugs, and refine your offering based on feedback from a sample audience while also capitalizing the FOMO effect.

Slack used an invite-only beta when it first launched, generating a great deal of buzz and anticipation around the product. The limited access also gave the company a chance to refine its product based on early user feedback, laying the groundwork for its later success.

Activision Blizzard gave exclusive beta access to the game Overwatch 2 to carefully selected Twitch influencers. As a result, Activision Blizzard shattered viewership records with over 1.5 million concurrent viewers, instantly generating mass interest in the upcoming launch.

PayPalGoogle, and other major tech companies have also employed exclusive beta programs in the past to create a sense of exclusivity and privilege among early adopters. This not only generates anticipation and buzz, but also allows startups to collect valuable user feedback to improve the product before a full launch.

The key benefit of the exclusive beta strategy is that it taps into the human psychology of wanting what others can’t have. By limiting access, you can build hype and excitement while gathering insights to refine your product before releasing it to a wider. This can be an effective way for startups to stand out and generate initial traction.

Your Compass for Content

96.55% of content on the internet gets ZERO organic search traffic from Google. Yes, you read that right, none, nada, zilch! That’s why SEO needs to be at the top of your priority list. Learn how to build some sweat equity 💪 in SEO without busting your budget.

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Hijack Third-Party Insights

Publishing content through a third party? Maybe you’re a thought leader for Forbes or Fast Company. Chances are, you have very little insight into how many people are viewing that content and heading to your website. Gain visibility by using paid media to promote content on third party sites.

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Around the Web

The Challenge of Retaining Startup Talent After an Acquisition Human capital is one of the most prized assets for a startup, yet studies show that employees are much more likely to depart within a year of acquisition compared to regular hires (33% vs. 12%). From Zoom to Waze, find out how staff turnover changed the trajectory of companies and their competitors. Learn More

Tomorrow (Thursday) is National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day Launched in 2022 by Zapier, Marketing Ops Appreciation Day celebrates the unsung heroes working behind the scenes to keep that marketing machine running smoothly. Learn More

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