new hire press release intake form

The search is finally over. You’ve snagged that star player to join your team and you want to shout it to the rooftops. Now what? Drafting a new hire press release is a crucial step once you’ve found the perfect addition to your team. Here’s why it matters:

  1.     Communicate Growth

A new hire, especially for a senior or leadership position, signals that your company is expanding and making strategic hires to support its goals. This helps communicate the company’s success and future plans.

  1.     Tout Industry Experts

The press release can present the new hire as an expert in their field, which helps build their personal brand and the credibility of the company.

  1.     Expand Reach

A well-written and distributed new hire press release can get your company’s news in front of relevant media outlets, journalists, and industry stakeholders, expanding the reach and visibility of the announcement and your company.

  1.     Form Media Relationships

Issuing a new hire press release is an excellent excuse to connect with journalists and start building long-term relationships that can benefit the company in the future.

  1.     Attract More Talent

Announcing new hires, especially high-profile ones, can help position your company as an employer of choice and attract top talent in the industry.

By leveraging a new hire press release, you effectively communicate growth, enhance brand awareness, and highlight industry expertise– all of which can contribute to the company’s overall success. The same process and benefits apply to new board members.

Simplify the process by distributing a PR intake form to seamlessly cover the new hire’s relevant background, qualifications, and expected contributions.

Click 👆 to download SUM's New Hire Press Release Intake Form.
Click 👆 to download SUM's New Board Member Press Release Intake Form.
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