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Increasing demand for fresh, high-quality content across multiple channels can put a strain on your marketing resources and stifle creativity. Seasoned marketer and content strategy luminary Justin Simon recently sat down with Koka Sexton on the StartUp Marketer podcast to discuss his innovative “distribution first” method of content marketing, which he honed at a high-growth startup where he was a content team of one.

We’re diving deep into the world of content repurposing so you can learn how to get the most out of everything you create.

“You don’t need to create nearly as much content as you think.”

Simplify with the 3C Content Method

Content marketing doesn’t need to be complex – in fact, Simon’s strategy is based on simplicity. His 3C content method covers the essential types of content you should be creating on a regular cadence: Cornerstone, Core, and Cut.

  •       Cornerstone content is the foundation of your marketing strategy—it’s the high-value material like a quarterly research study that establishes your startup’s expertise and authority in your industry.
  •       Core content is the backbone of your strategy. Think blogs, podcasts, webinars, videos, and other formats that provide valuable information and insights to your audience, helping to build trust and engagement.
  •       Cut content consists of bite-sized pieces that keep your audience connected to your brand on a daily basis, maintaining a steady and interactive presence. By integrating these three content types, you’ll build a robust and dynamic content strategy that drives growth and engagement for your startup.

Macro vs. Micro Repurposing

Simon breaks his repurposing strategy into two categories: macro and micro repurposing. Macro repurposing focuses on core concepts and frameworks, ensuring your big ideas and foundational messages are disseminated in various formats and channels. This involves taking your cornerstone ideas and making sure they’re consistently communicated across different media.

Micro repurposing, on the other hand, is about the tactical details—transforming a podcast into clips or a newsletter into LinkedIn posts.

For a content strategy to be truly effective, both macro and micro repurposing need to work in tandem. If the overarching themes and core messages (macro) aren’t strong and clear, the more granular pieces (micro) will also lack impact and coherence.

“Most people are creating so much content they can’t even distribute it all.”

Distribution First

As host of the Distribution First podcast, it’s no surprise that Simon is a big proponent of starting your content strategy by looking at the end zone. By focusing on your distribution channels, audience, and goals first, you can ensure your content gets in front of your audience and you’re not “wasting any reps” as Simon puts it.

Incorporating AI

While some may approach AI with trepidation, Simon sees it as a powerful ally, capable of enhancing productivity and providing valuable insights. Whether you use it as an assistant, researcher, mentor, or copywriter, AI can unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in your content strategy. Just don’t forget to maintain that human touch to ensure quality and impact.

Looking ahead, Simon predicts AI will be the key to survival in the content marketing world.

“The marketers who use AI are going to be the ones running marketing teams, running their own thing, surviving over the next decade.”

Simon's Key Takeaway

“Give yourself time to take a step back and question what you’re doing. Really put a magnifying glass on your overall strategy and I bet you’ll find spots where you can remove things and free up more time than you think you have.”

Listen to Justin Simon on the StartUp Marketer podcast.

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