Today, we’re beta launching StartUp Marketer (SUM) – the first marketing ecosystem designed specifically for startup marketers!

Just 250 founding members are invited to unlock on-demand courses, personalized guidance from experts and specialists, comprehensive resources like downloadable templates and playbooks, and a vast content library encompassing newsletters, podcasts, and expert thought leadership. 

Our proprietary templates, tools, courses, and connections are all built to make marketers an indispensable asset at their startup.

Summing Up SUM

SUM fuses accelerator muscle and community wisdom to sharpen your marketing skills so you can accelerate your startup’s success.  

By blending development tools – like courses, templates, playbooks, and best practices – with a vibrant community of professionals, SUM ensures marketers are armed with razor-sharp insights, indispensable tools, and the latest trends to make an impact and stay ahead of the curve.

The Wizards Behind the Curtain

SUM is brought to you by a team of marketers with 150+ years of combined experience at all stages of startup life. We know how hard your jobs are because we’ve been there ourselves.

From tight budgets to towering expectations, navigating uncertainty while generating results, we’ve cracked the code on startup marketing and we’re sharing the spoils of our combined experience to save you time, stress, and endless internet searches.

OSSUM is our fearless leader and Chief Marketing Octopus. (You’ll also find her tentacled trademark on our swag.) She embodies that smart and savvy marketer in all of us, rolling with the changing tides that all startups face and squashing setbacks with fresh ideas, keen instincts, and nimble footing.

With arms that literally have a mind of their own, OSSUM juggles the myriad roles of a startup marketer with Zen-like composure – whether delving into market research, managing multiple initiatives, shaping brand strategies, crafting content, orchestrating email campaigns, or spearheading PR pushes.

But OSSUM isn’t just about delivering results; she’s got heart, too (three of them, to be exact). OSSUM’s passion for empowering her fellow startup marketers fuels our mission to arm you with the tools and support you need to succeed.

Become a Founding Member

We’re accepting just 250 founding members at our beta launch rate ($249.99 for the year) – that shakes out to just one cup of coffee a week.

Join SUM and accelerate your success through real-world resources, access to top-vetted experts, and a community of collaborators ready to make waves and ride in the rising tide.

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